How to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa – 100% Full Guide

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa - 100% Full Guide

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa – 100% Full Guide, Everything about traveling and residing in a foreign city or country follows a process. If you’re looking to secure Canada permanent resident visa, there are requirements you need to meet.

First of all, you need to have a purpose for traveling/immigrating to Canada; it could be work, vacation, schooling, or any other purpose. When you have gotten to Canada with your entry visa, you have to check the requirements for a permanent resident visa, and then apply to the right firm.

Interestingly, this article explains how you can go about getting a permanent resident visa in Canada.

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa - 100% Full Guide

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa -100% Full Guide?

A permanent resident visa is given to non-Canadians who have lived in Canada for a while and have met certain minimum requirements for acquiring permanent residency. When you become a permanent Canada resident, you can then apply for a PR Card, which would be your pass while traveling in and out of the country.


1. Meet The Requirements

Virtually every foreign person in Canada can apply for a permanent visa, but of course, not all would be approved. The approval is based on the following factors:

  • Your Age
  • Highest level of education
  • Official language proficiency
  • Second official language
  • Canadian work experience

These are the core factors to be examined, there are other factors to be checked too. For example, you need to have lived in Canada for 5 years. However, within these 5 years, if you’re physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years), you can be considered eligible.

2. Submit The Necessary Documents

At the point of application, you will need to provide evidence (the documents to prove your eligibility). After submitting the documents, you need to keep tabs with your email to know when you get approved for the visa.

3. Aftermath

You should be applied if you met the eligibility requirements; however, if you got rejected, you need to check the requirements that failed you, make sure you meet up next time, and then reapply.

How To Check Your Canada Permanent Residency Visa Points

The Canada Immigration department created a system that scores your chances of getting approved for a Canada PR visa. This system works by considering your age, work experience, education, Canadian work experience, and language proficiency.

Apparently, the higher your score, the higher chances you have of getting approved for a Canada PR visa. Also, there are various Canadian immigration programs you could apply to.

Benefits of Having a Canada Permanent Residency Visa?

When you officially get the PR visa, it portrays you as a permanent Canadian resident, and as such exposes you to a lot of possibilities, which includes:

  • You’re closer to obtaining Canadian citizenship
  • Right to live and work freely in Canada
  • You can bring your family over
  • Free education for your kids
  • Social Benefits
  • Freedom of movement

There are pretty other benefits of obtaining a Canada PR visa, and you definitely love to enjoy those benefits and privileges.

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