Fully Funded Travel Opportunities 2021/2022

Fully Funded Travel Opportunities 2021/2022

Fully funded travel Opportunities 2021/2022, when you hear of “fully funded” scholarships or travel opportunities; it simply refers to scholarships that almost 95% of the entire cost is paid by the sponsor. Actually, no sponsorship won’t cost you some money; however, for fully funded ones, you only a token of the entire cost.

That said, fully funded travel opportunities simply refer to travel opportunities where you can only pay what seems like 5 – 10% of the entire travel cost. This mostly applies to students who got admitted into foreign universities, employees of certain organizations, and people who are lucky to get mouth-watering discounts from travel companies.

Fully Funded Travel Opportunities 2021/2022

Fully Funded Travel Opportunities 2021/2022

These are the best possible way to access fully funded travel opportunities; however, these opportunities have requirements; so to say, you need to meet certain minimum requirements to take advantage of these opportunities.

1. Government of Italy Invest Your Talent Scholarship

This is an internship opportunity that lets you travel to Italy almost without paying a dime, It is provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – targeted for international students and Master’s degree holders who need to undergo internships in select Italian companies.


2. Bright Minds Fellowships Offered By Utrecht University in the Netherlands

This opportunity is for select students – you need to apply for Bright Minds Fellowships offered by Utrecht University. Well, for you to apply for this program, it means you’re looking to go through a Master’s degree program. The main aim of this travel opportunity is to allow qualified students from different regions; which includes students from EU/EEA and Dutch.

3. University Scholarships

One of the surest ways to travel abroad for free is through educational scholarships. There are pretty many international universities offering “fully-funded” scholarship programs. You can register for any of the eligible courses in such universities and see if you’d be selected. Upon selection, you’d be provided with funding and other necessary things you need for the program you got admitted to study.

4. Government of Japan Internships

Here’s another internship program that sees you traveling to Japan without paying almost a dime. For this opportunity, the Japanese government (the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry chapter) opens over 100 internship slots and selected individuals are given 4,000 yen daily for living expenses all through the internship program.

Furthermore, the candidates are given internship insurance and round-trip air ticket; plus, their transportation and accommodation expenses are also sorted out throughout the training.

5. World Bank Internship

Of course, the World Bank Group offers an internship program that settles almost all the costs of traveling. This program is for young graduate students – to provide them with practical experience in global development. Interestingly, for qualified candidates, the World Bank Group pays an hourly salary and also provides allowances to sort out travel expenses.

What More?

You may also want to check out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Internship Program. This program is for international students, postgraduates, looking to experience how IMF works.

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