How to Study in Georgia Europe – Visa Process 100% Guaranteed

How to Study in Georgia Europe - Visa Process 100% Guaranteed

How to Study in Georgia Europe – Visa Process 100% Guaranteed, Looking for how to study in Georgia Europe? Definitely, you know you need to apply to a university in Georgia, and if you get accepted, then you can proceed to get a student visa that would give you free access to travel to the country. Well, these things don’t work as easily as they sound.

Georgia is a peaceful country that sits between Asia and Europe. The country’s capital is Tbilisi, and it is home to several attractive places and monuments. As a student traveling to Georgia, there’s nothing much to worry about as most people over there are friendly.

How to Study in Georgia Europe – Visa Process 100% Guaranteed

How to Study in Georgia Europe - Visa Process 100% Guaranteed

Unlike Canada, it is not mandatory to write the IELTS exam before processing your visa. There are also many universities in Georgia you can apply to and get scholarships. Notwithstanding hereunder is a guide to follow if you’re looking to study at a university in Georgia.

Note: The procedure shared here is from a general perspective of all the universities in Georgia. It is important to note that some universities may have different application processes depending on the program/course you apply to study.


1. Find a University

First things first, you need need to apply to a university in Georgia. There are quite many universities in the country; find the one that offers the program or course you wish to study and apply with the necessary documents. Apparently, the application process and required documents would be clearly indicated on the university’s website. However, basically, you’d need to provide these requirements:

  • Degree certificate or high-school certificate
  • International passport
  • You will need to pass the university’s interview. Yes, all universities in Georgia put their intending students through an interview; if you don’t pass this interview, your admission application may not be accepted.

2. Wait For Acceptance

Normally, it takes 7 – 14 days for a Georgian university to process your admission request. So, you need to wait for the acceptance letter to be sent to your email. Notwithstanding, it is important to note that the maximum duration of admission into a Georgian university is 40 days, and registration fee starts from $100 depending on the school you’re applying to.

3. Apply For Student Visa

Once your admission is processed, and you’re accepted, the next thing is to push for a student visa to enter the country. You may also need a residence permit. It is also important to note that not all international students require a visa or residence permit; you can read more information about this from here.

Literally, international students need to get the Study Visa (D3 Visa), which allows one to move freely in Georgia for 90 days before getting a residence permit.

What More?

Generally, the cost of living in Georgia is very much affordable compared with other European countries. International students who want to live in cozy apartments should budget between $200 – $300 for house rent. Utility costs are also low in Georgia, it is an ideal location for international students.

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