Fully Funded South Korea Government Scholarship 2022


This is Fully funded south Korea government Scholarship 2022, If your  dream is to study in South Korea, the 2021-2022 Government Scholarship is out, The scholarship is open for International students from different countries who want to study and obtain they Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s and Ph.D. in South Korea  state.

The packages for the Eligible Candidates on south Korea Scholarship 2021-2022 includes monthly stipend, tuition fees and flight tickets to and from South Korea.


If you must have reading this, I know you will be waiting to get full details on how to Apply For the Scholarship  Opportunity, In this article I will share everything you need to know to make this journey successful.

What You Have To Understand About the South Korean Government Scholarship

The Korean scholarship is few which include a variety of different Certificate to Obtain:

Korean Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree

PhD  Degree (Doctor Of Philosophy)

Please note that the application dates for the Korean Ph.D. scholarships  are completely different from the Master’s and Bachelor’s Scholarship, this time Korean set to strengthen International boards through education among different countries, They offer about 220 Undergraduate scholarship and 1080 postgraduate scholarship. the win awarded students entitle to receive financial and logistical support from Government attached with free academic year to learn the Korean language.

South Korea Scholarship Benefit

Once Scholarship Mentioned, it was expected to be fully Free-will entry and the PROS & CONS has to be sort out by the firm or Government who is sponsoring the Scholarship, The Benefits south Korea scholarship stated and provides for awarded Applicants are Listed Below:

  1. Full coverage of tuition fees in Korean universities.
  2. A free preparatory year to learn the Korean language for one year.
  3. Travel tickets to and from Korea.
  4. A monthly salary of about $800 per month.
  5. A one-time settlement allowance of approximately $175 per month.
  6. Health insurance in Korea.
  7. Printing thesis costs.
  8. A Financial award upon graduation from the scholarship.
  9. Financial support for research students.

Eligibility For The KGSP Scholarship

  1. Applicants and the applicant’s father and mother must be citizens of their country of origin.
  2. Korean nationals cannot apply.
  3. Applicants must be from the countries eligible for the scholarship.

Maximum age: 25 years for undergraduate studies, 40 years for graduate studies.

  1. Must have graduated or are expected to graduate from their current educational stage before arriving to South Korea.
  2. The minimum average grade rate is 80%.
  3. Applicants cannot apply if they have previously studied in South Korea, with the exception of high-achieving KGSP students.
  4. Must satisfy other requirements, if any.

It is not required for applicants to have an English language certificate to apply for the scholarship.

Documents Required To Apply For The Korean Government Scholarship 2022

Below you can find all the documents required to apply for the Korean government scholarship. The list will include the required documents for both bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral students.

All documents must be translated into either English or Korean. In addition to submitting two letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters must be sealed in an envelope and submitted to the embassy or university.

List of Documents Required for  South Korea Scholarship

  1. The application form for the Korean Scholarship 3 copies (found below at the end of the article).
  2. Letter of motivation/intent
  3. personal Statement
  4. Two letters of recommendation.
  5. A signed scholarship agreement.
  6. Graduation certificate and transcript.
  7. A document proving the identity and nationality of the applicant and the nationality of the father and mother, such as a birth certificate or family card.
  8. English language proficiency certificate (optional).
  9. Copies of published articles or research papers. (Optional)
  10. A copy of the passport (optional).

Visit the Official Webpage of the Korean Government Scholarship Program 2022 




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