Travel Advice and Process to India for Medical Treatment 

Traveling to India for medical treatment requires Specialist Consultation   

Visa & Travel Arrangement 

Any patients traveling to Indian for Proper Medical treatment require a Visa and he/she has to visit the Indian embassy in the respect of the state/country to obtain a Verify Visa, (healthcare global) hospital’s recommendation will help to facilitate all the paperwork and documents necessary for the visa Process, secondly, the approved of the visa rests upon the Indian Embassy and the officials. they are many paperwork and documents require for clarification such as Insurance, Address, undertaken, the fund for Medical expenses, and Others, the requirement lesser for an emergency. moreover, if a patient is traveling with a caregiver the same process must be followed.


The easiest way to meet up the requirements and avoid stress in your condition is to consult a Travel Agent, it’s a special task for them and easy work to accomplish. they could help for a better further plan towards your traveling and make it smooth, Moreover Hospital representatives can help you find the most viable route and plan your travel accordingly. However, Travelsaved can’t give you accurate visa process price and often availability demands.

Guidelines For A Medical Tourist

Gleneagles Global Hospitals is Parkway Panti that carried out multitask specialty towards Healthcare in Indian, they multi-organ help to strengthen Travelers who want to receive treatment and medical check-ups in the state, however, the patient must check well and have every document includes 

  • Verify Valid Visa and Travel Arrangement
  • Medical records like X-Rays, MRIs, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Remember to carry all these medical reports and any medicines in your carry-on luggage. Gleneagles Global Hospitals provides you with locker facilities for your valuables and important documents.

  • Travel Fitness Confirmation from Doctor
  • Availability of the doctor and facilities for the procedure at the Hospital you are traveling to. Confirmation of facilities to stay during the treatment.
  • · Obtaining an international driver’s license, if you wish to drive in India.
  • · Kindly Understand the estimated cost and quality of care to be provided.
  •  Have a clear understanding of the follow-up care and time required for recovery.
  • If you are traveling abroad for medical reasons for the first time, there are certain pointers to overcome Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which includes taking short walks down the aisle on the plane, exercising the muscles of your lower legs, which act as a pump for the blood in the veins, wearing loose-fitting clothes, drinking enough water, avoiding alcohol and other caffeinated drinks.

                                           Embassy Information            

Like I mentioned in the Visa and travel arrangement, anyone going to Indian including medical tourist and treatment will Certainly obtain a valid verified visa for the purpose and duration of his/her travel. the visa will be obtained by approaching the Indian Embassy in your state/country, then it rests on the embassy and officials to review your application and adjudicate it 

Accommodation and Facilities 

Any Global Hospital tries so much to ensure the patients and caregivers were offered the best accommodation and other facilities, although all the requirements may not be provided at all times, securities for safekeeping of valuable items and documents are available. 

Patient Relations

Ensuring the well-being of the patients is one of the hospital major tasks, The dedicated staff have to work tireless and to have an extremely friendly and hassle-free patient experience in any Global hospital 

The following concerns are handled by the Patient Relations Cell:

  • Concerns about your hospitalization
  • Questions on the Hospital policies
  • Questions on the services rendered at Gleneagles Global Hospitals
  • Any special needs that of the patient and/or family members

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